Doctors' bags


Doctors' bags


This collection contains ten medical boxes and bags dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The bags range from the traditional open-top split-handle design to more modern briefcase-style bags. They contain a range of items from medicines and bandages to diagnostic instruments and surgical tools.

Items in the Doctors' bags Collection

Doctor's bag of Dr A Shearer
Black briefcase-like bag. The front of the bag folds forwards to reveal two compartments and four drawers within the bag. Produced by Archd.[Archibald] Young and Son, Forrest Road, Edinburgh.

The bag contains:
Elastikon Bandage
Elastic Adhesive…

Doctor's bag (unknown owner)
This bag contains:
Binaural stethoscope
Wooden tube container
Glass slide case
Migos haemometer
Case of microscopic glass squares
6 glass bottles with cork stoppers
4 glass test tubes with rubber stoppers
Case containing spare…

Doctor's bag (unknown owner)
Black leatherette briefcase.

This bag contains:
Eli Lilly plastic case for holding medicine bottles
Bottle of Solution No. 45 Merthiolate
Bottle of Tincture No. 99 Merthiolate
Metal case containing glass bottle
Body temperature…

Doctor's bag of Dr D A MacMillan Shearer
Bag of Dr D A MacMillan Shearer, Whitehead Street, Tyne Dock. Black, briefcase like bag. Opens from the top and the side.

This bag contains:
Laennec stethoscope
Klinostik Otoscope Kit
Hellige haemacytometer
Morton's Ophthalmoscope

Elastoplast First Aid Box
Wooden box containing various Elastoplast first aid products.

The box contains:
Elastoplast dressing strip
Elastoplast finger dressing
Elastoplast dressing strip
Elastoplast bandages
Elastoplast emergency wound dressing

Doctor's bag of Anne Tait nee Ritchie (1)
Case containing instruments used to visually count the number of cells in a blood sample.

The case contains:
Kilnostik ototscope
Kit for draining fluid from the body
Portable paraffin stove
Microscope set

Doctor's bag of Anne Tait nee Ritchie (2)
This bag contains:
Instrument for testing for diabetes
Wooden box containing surgical instruments
Dr Sotheby's Drainage Trocar
Metal box of surgical instruments
Leather case containing surgical instruments
Object of measurement

Cardboard box of medicine
This box contains:
Batches of smallpox vaccine
Typhoid-paratyphoid A&B and tetanus vaccine
Diphtheria and tetanus vaccine
Sterile disposable syringe-needle combination
Packet of icterine
Poliomyelitis vaccine

Briefcase of Dr A Douglas
This case contains:
Hypothermic and ophthalmic case
Disposable syringe
Set of cannula needles
Glass medicine bottle
Camman stethoscope
Bowles stethoscope
Surgical head mirror
Ear syringe
Pouch for storing syringes
Boots 'Rustless'…

Doctor's bag [of John Strong]
This bag was donated by Elizabeth Strong, the daughter of John Strong. Professor John Strong was a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Second World War and was President of the Royal College of…