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Pu Ipecac c Op.jpg
This bottle is empty.

Probably Puluerem Ipepacuanha cum Opium
Ipecac, or ipecacuanha, is the dried root of a plant originating in the Americas. In this medicinal chest, it is listed as ‘pu’, shorthand for puluerem, meaning powdered. It was…

Gregory's Powder.jpg
This bottle probably contained a substance called ‘Gregory’s Powder’ as evidenced by the pinkish hue of the surviving powder. The powder was named after its inventor Dr James Gregory, a physician in Edinburgh and was used as a laxative. It…

This bottle is empty.

Originating in China and India, it is said that the first European account of this vegetable was in the notes of Marco Polo. Although propagated in the British Isles by the 19th century, the types of rhubarb were often…

Camphorated Chalk.jpg
This bottle contains white powder.

The most prominent use for camphorated chalk was as a tooth powder. Chalk was often used in early dentifrices and camphor would have been added for its antiseptic properties. Tooth powders could be made by…






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