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Cylindrical wooden carved handle and attached piece of cord. No label


Broad cylindrical end with a narrower carved wooden handle. Label attached but indiscernable.

Cylindrical wooden tube with attached cord. Label reads 'Police Court, Edinburgh, 9th November 1928. The knife sheath with piece of cord attached referred to in the case of James Marr found on bench in workshop at 10 North West Rose Street…


GP Dr Milne 14.jpg
The resolution of this image is as it was when deposited with the College. A higher resolution copy is not available.

Unlabelled Small Bottle 2.jpg
This bottle is empty.

Unlabelled Small Bottle 1.jpg
This bottle is mostly empty but there are remnants of a dark red powder.

Unlabelled Medium 1.jpg
This bottle is empty and unlabelled.

Gregory's Powder.jpg
This bottle probably contained a substance called ‘Gregory’s Powder’ as evidenced by the pinkish hue of the surviving powder. The powder was named after its inventor Dr James Gregory, a physician in Edinburgh and was used as a laxative. It…

Wooden handle with one flat side and one curved side. No carvings. No label.

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Elliptical, cog-like metal head with wooden handle. No label.


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